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20kg woven polypropylene bags.


An ideal addition in the diets of birds of all ages.


For best results, wheat should be rolled or coarsely ground. Whole wheat can be fed to birds over two months of age. The inclusion of finely ground wheat for birds should be avoided, since this has been associated with digestive disorders owning to the pastiness of the meal.


Because of its variability, the grain should be analysed for protein content to allow selection of the correct amino acid for diet formulation.


  •       TYPICAL
    PROTEIN % MIN: 12.00
    CALCIUM % MIN: 0.06
    PHOSPHORUS % MIN: 0.32
    LYSINE % MIN: 0.35
    METHIONINE % MIN: 0.16
    BIRDS MJ/KG    


  • Cool, shaded, dry conditions, away from vermin.

    X Not for human consumption

    X Seek nutritional advice to use this ingredient as part of a balanced diet.

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