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After moving to the town of Grenfell in 1983, Peter saw an opportunity for a grain storage and and trading site to become a central hub for the town and wider region. In 1988 Grenfell Commodities was founded. 


Since then Peter's family owned and operated business has grown from one person to a team of 9. Their storage capacity has also doubled since establishment, with the business now able to store over 43,000 tonnes of grain across their two Grenfell sites. 

Grenfell Commodities central location makes it a hub for the selling, storing and transporting of grain and pulses. Peter is passionate about the agricultural industry and always works hard to find the best grain solution for his clients.


Grenfell Commodities is a locally owned, family operated business providing customers with high-quality grains and legumes, safe and secure storage facilities and market advice for the sale and purchasing of grains. We regularly monitor the market to ensure the best outcome for our clients with our enthusiastic team of operators able to assist with the storing, selling, purchasing and transportation of grains and pulses. Our locally employed fleet of drivers are able to deliver and move grain and pulses throughout Australia making it easier than ever for us to buy, store, sell and deliver your products.

Grenfell Commodities operates out of two sites, both located in the heart of Grenfell, NSW. The first is located on Grafton Street which offers 20,000 tonnes of bulk storage for grain. Our second site is located on the corner of Brundah Street and South Street with over 15,000 tonnes of shed storage and 8,500 tonnes of storage space within our four concrete silos. 

Alongside providing bulk storage and wholesale services for grain and legumes, Grenfell Commodities has expanded into export, providing bulk grains to overseas wholesalers in Asia. We are an export registered establishment with two authorised officials and licenced fumigators overseeing our Australian plant exports.

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