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20kg woven polypropylene bags.


Sweet blend 3 is a non-oat feed designed to suit all equine activities from racing to performance.


It contains a balanced grain inclusion fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to aid immune function, optimal energy storage, muscle recovery and repair. The non-oat formula is ideal for highly strung ‘fizzy’ horses and may aid horses prone to ‘tying up’.



  • Non-oat formula containing a balanced blend of energy sourced from triticale, rolled barley, cracked corn, sunflower and canola oil, to aid optimal energy storage.
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to support immune function, recovery and repair.
  • Ideal for highly strung or horses prone to ‘tying up’.
  • Molasses has been added to improve palatability and aid fussy eaters.


  •   400-500kg 500-600kg
    LIGHT WORK 1-2 kg per day                   2-3kg per day
    MODERATE WORK 2-4kg per day 3-5kg per day
    HEAVY WORK 4-6kg per day 5-7kg per day

    Please be advised that the suggested feeding guidelines are to be used as a guide only. The actual amount of feed offered may need to be altered depending on the horse’s individual metabolism and the quality of available roughage.


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