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20kg woven polypropylene bags.


A whole sunflower seed contains about 15 percent protein, with an energy level equal to that of cereal grains. Its main advantage is its high level of fat, providing a good source of linoleic acid.


Crushed sunflower seeds in either the black or grey stripe variety can be included in the diets of poultry and livestock of all ages. Since it has a similar nutrient composition to grain, it can be used to replace some of the grain in their diet.


  •       TYPICAL
    PROTEIN                    %                            MIN:                         15.00
    CALCIUM % MIN: 0.20
    PHOSPHORUS % MIN: 0.60
    FAT/EE % MIN: 40.00
    C FIBRE % MIN: 17.00


  • Cool, shaded, dry conditions, away from vermin.

    X Not for human consumption

    X Seek nutritional advice to use this ingredient as part of a balanced diet.

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