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20kg woven polypropylene bags.


Of all the grains, sorghum is the most variable in its protein and amino acid content. Sorghum can be classified into two types according to the level of tannin content in the grain, grain sorghum and forage sorghum. Grain sorghum typically has a low tannin content.


Sorghum can be fed as the sole grain component to birds of all ages.


For best results, the whole grain should be cracked or coarsely ground, otherwise some of the grain may pass through the bird.


It is recommended that sorghum be analysed for protein content to allow selection of the correct amino acid content for diet formulation.


    PROTEIN % MIN: 9.00
    CALCIUM % MIN: 0.04
    PHOSPHORUS % MIN: 0.30
    LYSINE % MIN: 0.19
    METHIONINE % MIN: 0.10
    BIRDS MJ/KG    



    Cool, shaded, dry conditions, away from vermin.

    X Not for human consumption

    X Seek nutritional advice to use this ingredient as part of a balanced diet.

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