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With the increased investment by our Australia farmers in the quality and capacity of off-farm bulk grain storage, Grenfell Commodities has the ability to offer our farmers storage services which ensure the quality of your grain maintains its highest standard at all times.

Alongside our bulk storage capacity, we buy and sell a variety of grains and offer a wide range of machine cleaned or farm dressed grain in bulk form.

Our container packaging facilities are among the best in the country, which is why we rate as a major supplier of containerized grain for the Asian export market.


We are well positioned, situated in the Central West, and have eight drive over hoppers for unloading. Our facility also includes a B-double weighbridge and a modern whole grain analyser.

During the harbest season, we provide three payments options to those who deliver their grain to our sites. Customers can either cash in the grain upon arrival, warehouse it to sell at a later date, or organise a delayed payment over a ten month period. If you have any queries regarding these options, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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