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20kg woven polypropylene bags


Ingredients include steam rolled oats, steam rolled barley, cracked tick bean, black sunflower, lucerne chaff, oaten chaff and molafos gold.


A suitable blend of grains for livestock diets. It is recommended that if it is a new addition to livestock that it is introduced gradually over 10-14 days to reduce the risk of acidosis. Feed grain by weight, not by volume and feed it in conjunction with chaff, hay and/or pasture.


For horses, please be advised that the amount of feed offered may need to be altered depending on the horses’ individual metabolism, workload and the quality of available roughage.


  •       TYPICAL
    ENERGY MJ/kg                    MIN:                  12.8
    PROTEIN  % MIN: 13.9
    CALCIUM g/kg MIN: 1.8
    PHOSPHORUS    g/kg MIN: 3.7


  • Cool, shaded, dry conditions, away from vermin.

    X Not for human consumption

    X Seek nutritional advice to use this ingredient as part of a balanced diet.

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