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20kg woven polypropylene bags.


Whole or cracked Corn (maize) can be used in the diets for poultry and livestock but should be coarsely ground before feeding. This should be done just before mixing to prevent the maize meal becoming rancid in storage.


In Australia, a white carcass colour of meat chicken is preferred so it is advised that high levels of maize is not fed to meat chickens, since the pigment is passed into the carcass. The colour pigment in yellow maize, cyptozanthin, is of value in layer diets where it gives the desirable colour to egg yolks.


A buffer should be added to sheep and cattle diets to help reduce acidosis.


  •       TYPICAL
    PROTEIN                %                          MIN:                                     9.00
    CALCIUM % MIN: 0.02
    PHOSPHORUS % MIN: 0.26
    LYSINE % MIN: 0.24
    METHIONINE % MIN: 0.18


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