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20kg woven polypropylene bags.


Barley can be included in the diets of most classes of animals, birds and poultry. A great energy source, it’s protein content does not vary as widely as other grains. Barley does have a higher fibre level and a lower energy level, which will limit its use in diets of certain animals and stages.


The feeding value of providing barley for your birds is inferior to other cereal grains. This is mainly due to its lower energy content and its variable content of largely indigestible carbohydrate components (B-glucans and fibre).


For improved laying results, including an enzyme along with barley in the diets of birds can reduce negative impacts on egg production. The enzyme can improve digestibility of the carbohydrates in barley.


  •       TYPICAL
    PROTEIN % MIN: 10.00
    CALCIUM % MIN: 0.05
    PHOSPHORUS % MIN: 0.30
    LYSINE % MIN: 0.40
    METHIONINE % MIN: 0.16
    FIBRE % MIN: 5.00
    BIRDS MJ/KG    


  • Cool, shaded, dry conditions, away from vermin.

    X Not for human consumption

    X Seek nutritional advice to use this ingredient as part of a balanced diet.

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